Woof & Brew Pawsecco Herbal Wine Rose 250ml

Woof & Brew Pawsecco Herbal Wine Rose 250ml

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 At Bertie & Bella's we realise having some fun with your dog is important. Adding Woof & Brew healthy tonics to the range make any occasion that extra bit special. 

Good friends bring happiness, but best friends bring Pawsecco! Providing the purrfect treat for those on four feet, owners can now share the experience in ‘raising a glass’ with their four-legged best friends - and it's healthy too!

It's is of course non-alcoholic, non-carbonated and grape-free, which means you can give your pet the ultimate tonic and treat! Designed to pour over food, making the perfect ‘au jus’, or serve as a drink, our feline friends and dearest doggies have already given Pawsecco the palatability paws up.

Sorbate. Pet-House Rose Composition - An infusion of Elderflower, Linden Blossom, Ginseng, Carrot, Water, Acidifier Lactic Acid. 

EXPIRE 01/2020