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Keeping your pet safe: basic first aid for dogs

As dog owners, we want nothing more than to make sure our pups are safe and healthy. Accidents can happen however, and changing circumstances from moving to a built-up area to extreme weather can all impact on your dog’s health. To encourage the safest environment possible, here are our tips for basic dog first aid.

Changes in animal welfare law: what you need to know

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new pup or are an established breeder, new animal welfare laws have recently come into play to protect dogs and cats.

On October 1st 2018, The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations were introduced. The rules will affect dog breeders and vendors, whilst assuring prospective buyers that animals are being treated safely.

Keeping your pets safe on Bonfire Night

As the darker nights and cooler temperatures roll in, we have a whole lot of reasons for celebrating – whether you’re into bobbing for apples or swirling sparklers, it’s one of the most exciting times of the year!

With all these celebrations, it’s easy to overlook our four-legged friends. Bright, stimulating colours, crowds and lots of loud noises are all potential hazards for our pet and may affect their wellbeing. So how do we spot the signs and what can we do to keep our pets safe?