Our Story

I have always had a passion for animals and their well-being. Embarking on a career in Veterinary Nursing, I continued to develop my skills through varied roles within the veterinary industry in support of my love for animals and education. 

My passion led me to exploring further into the social economics of the pet market, and such was my ambition for one day having my own business, that in March 2018, I set up Bertie & Bella's.

Bertie & Bella’s aim to provide a selected range of products and gifts for their quality and durability for the whole family, whilst sourcing the best innovations, design solutions and creativity to bring you and your pet closer together, offering packages which are thoughtful, fun and convenient.

Why the name “Bertie & Bella's”? Dogs have always been so loving and loyal and enriched my life, as many of you I am sure will agree! Bertie is a name I have had in mind for when I seek my next four-legged companion who can inspire me on this start-up journey. Bella is a top female dog’s name with the meaning of “beautiful” in Latin. Many words in the veterinary language are established from Latin, connecting my profession with passion.

As a company, I have based the brand identity on a beagle, representing the following characteristics of being excitable, determined, intelligent and gentle: everything I wish to support our canine companions and you as their owners.

Our values represent what we have to offer:

CONFIDENCE – Everything we do is focussed on providing the ultimate customer service experience, for both the person and their canine companion!

EXCELLENCE – All our products are responsibly sourced for their quality and skilled workmanship, so we can be assured of durability.

DELIGHT – Our passion behind everything we do shines through and delights all customers, both two-legged and four-legged.

INTEGRITY – It is important to us to build a reputation of trust and responsibility within the community, by providing consistency in our products and services.