Medidose Tablet Dispenser

Medidose Tablet Dispenser

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Is your pet on a medication regime? We have the answer with the medidose tablet dispenser. The dispenser is ideal to organise your week and make sure your pet receives their medication when required. Dispensers reduce the risk of your pet potentially receiving medications when they shouldn't. We all know how busy life can get and sometimes a family member may have given the medication without you knowing. Dispensers ensure that the medications are only given once or identified if a dose got missed. 

  • 7 day boxes (Sunday to Saturday)
  • Each box has 4 compartments, labelled - breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime
  • Movable dividers
  • Perfect for preparing when going away or to leave ready for the pet sitter
  • Dishwasher safe

Packed neatly in a robust wallet with a velcro fastening. 

Medication compliance is essential for your pets well-being.