Deluxe Nail Clippers
Deluxe Nail Clippers
Deluxe Nail Clippers

Deluxe Nail Clippers

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These JW Gripsoft deluxe nail clippers are a Bertie & Bella's favourite, due to their unique patented soft rubber cushioned handle for maximum comfort and control. 

  • Soft grip handle
  • Heavy duty
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Nail guard to help prevent cutting nails too short

Like us we need to trim our dogs nails on a regular basis unless they are walking a lot on different surfaces which will keep the nail trimmed. 

It is important from a young age your pet gets use to you touching their feet and nails and introducing the clippers without doing anything, so as when nail trimming is due they are comfortable with this and do not see it as a threat or strange experience. Praise and treats make it a pleasurable memory. 

How do I know if my dogs nails need trimming?

Hearing a 'tapping' noise as they walk on hard floors is the most obvious sign that your dog’s nails need a trim. Dog nail clipping is relatively simple, but you need to know how to correctly clip your dog’s claws to avoid causing damage or pain, which is easily done by accident. To make things easier and less stressful for your dog and you, always consult your vet or veterinary nurse before attempting to clip your dog’s claws at home.

Anatomy of the nail

Dog's nails are made of a hard, fibrous material called keratin. The inner part of the nail is called the quick. The quick is soft, often pinkish, and has nerves and blood cells. It is easy to see if your pet has white nails and very difficult to know where it ends on black nails. (See pictures for diagram of nail and where to cut).

If you do cut into the quick it does cause bleeding. You can use a silver nitrate pencil to stop the bleeding or a damp piece of cotton wool held over the nail with slight pressure to stop the bleeding. If in doubt contact your vet. 

A guide to trimming your dogs nails 

  1. You may find it helpful to ask a friend to assist you and reassure your dog
  2. Have a damp piece of cotton wool at the ready in case you trim to far and enter the quick which causes the nail to bleed (hold damp cotton wool and place pressure for a minute to stop the bleeding, seek veterinary advice if it does not stop)
  3. Select the correct size nail clipper to fit over your dogs claws. Medium size is usually suitable for all dogs up to 15kg. Large clippers are suitable for dogs over 15kg
  4. Hold the paw up and coming from above the nail, place the clippers at a 45 degree angle with the nail cutter tip towards the dogs pad, so as you are trimming off the pointed tip on the end of the nail (the safety guide aids in preventing you trimming too much nail, it is responsible to trim small amounts until you feel confident on where the quick is)
  5. Repeat on all claws and the dew claw (found slightly higher up on the inside of the dogs legs)
  6. Use the ancol nail file to smooth out the edges