Combo Brush with Bristles & Stainless Steel Pins
Combo Brush with Bristles & Stainless Steel Pins
Combo Brush with Bristles & Stainless Steel Pins

Combo Brush with Bristles & Stainless Steel Pins

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We believe grooming is essential for bonding you and your pet but also for the dogs health. Bertie & Bella's love Bamboo Groom range as they are strong and good for the planet and our dogs.

This dual-purpose brush works best on pets with short to medium coats. The rounded pins of the brush gently detangle fur and remove the undercoat. The soft bristles of the brush remove loose hair and debris from the top coat. Using this brush regularly will distribute healthy oils and leave pets with a shiny, healthy coat.

The Combo Brush features two rubber thumb supports, bamboo construction and an ergonomic handle.

  • 2.25” Wide x 8.5” Tall

Bamboo is both sustainable and strong.

Bamboo is 100% natural and biodegradable. The production of the grooming tools has a very small environmental impact and leaves barely a trace behind. Its strength and durability allow to make high quality grooming tools that will last groom after groom.

Every brush, rake and comb is carefully handmade.

Each of the brushes, combs and rakes are carefully handcrafted and then polished with a natural oil to ensure a smooth, water resistant finish. We also insert a reinforced fabric to each pin/bristle pad so that the pins/ bristles do not get pushed back into the brush head, which is a very common complaint with other grooming tools.

Design for comfort... you and your pet's!

Grooming a pet can be a tedious chore that can cause discomfort in your hands, wrists and fingers. The grooming tools offer ergonomic handles and cushioned rubber support pads to help ease these pains.

They also feature rounded pins and bristles to help ease the pet’s discomfort too! While some grooming tools are designed for professional groomers and others are intended for pet parents, these tools can be used and appreciated by all!