Poo Guard Spray 50ml
Poo Guard Spray 50ml

Poo Guard Spray 50ml

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POO Guard is an amazing product which aids in safeguarding us from bacteria and viruses left on the ground after dog poo.

Bertie & Bella's are passionate about health and well being for everyone involved with dog care, this product is essential to every dog owners bag and in this handy 50ml bottle it fits anywhere.

When we pick up dog poo, we leave millions of viruses on the ground. However careful we are, it’s unavoidable. 

In hundreds of locations, POO Guard can be used to quickly kill millions of bacteria and viruses left on the ground after dog poo has been picked up. A quick spray of POO Guard helps prevent the spread of infection. 

Protects in 3 ways:

  1. Kills bacteria & viruses (including Parvovirus) left on the ground after picking up dog poo

  2. Foaming action visually marks the spot for a few moments so you can avoid it whilst it gets to work

  3. Repels other dogs, keeping them safe from cross -infection

Picking up dog poo using the Beco Pets poo bags and disposing in dog waste bins is the first step to safety. Each gram of dog poo is reckoned to contain around 24 million bacteria and viruses, including many that are dangerous if ingested by other dogs, and many that are harmful to humans.

These bacteria and viruses come into contact with our food, or are simply transferred to the hands of toddlers and children when they play outdoors – from which point it’s incredibly easy for tiny remnants of poo to find their way into our digestive systems.

Bacteria and viruses can also enter sports players through small cuts and grazes.

POO Guard kills bacteria and viruses left on the ground after dog poo has been picked up.

A single spray protects us and our dogs from cross-infection including:

  •  Parvovirus
  •  Streptococcus
  •  Enterobacter
  •  Salmonella and many others

We all love dogs, and we love responsible owners.

Most of us pick up our dog’s poo because we’re aware that it’s unpleasant to walk in, and because it carries hundreds of millions of harmful bacteria and viruses.

But after even the best pick up, there are still millions of these bacteria and viruses remaining on the ground, and in high footfall areas such as pavements, gardens, play areas and sports fields, these are quickly spread.

The spread causes cross-infection by very simple transfer – transmitting viruses such as Parvovirus to other dogs, and infections such as E-Coli and Salmonella to us.

Parvovirus is a killer.

Infection from Parvovirus can be lethal, particularly in puppies. PooGuard contains a safe patented active ingredient which is proven extremely effective against this virus. By spraying the ground after we’ve picked up dog poo, we can kill the virus and make the outdoors that bit safer.

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