Disposable Dog Towel
Disposable Dog Towel

Disposable Dog Towel

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These disposable dog towels are perfect for travelling, keeping in the car or at home by the back door for that immediate wipe down after a muddy walk or bath.

Enki Pooch, the worlds first luxurious eco friendly dog towel. These towels are cost effective and high quality. Pamper your pooch today with the eco-friendly disposable dog towel. Eliminate washing & drying of dirty towels. We believe every home should have a pack of Enki Pooch Towels. 

  • Enki Pooch eco friendly dog towels are made of natural plant fibres and are 100% biodegradable.
  • Eco Friendly, 100% Hygienic & Re-usable.
  • Safe for all pets and you. 
  • If your Pooch towel is too big for your small dog, then cut to your desired size for extra mileage.
  • Cost effective. Save time and money. 
  • Eliminate washing and drying dirty towels.
  • Pooch towels can be recycled, they are kind to the environment. 
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

60 x 100cm, Pack Of 3 Pooch Towels