Dog Harness M/L Dogs
Dog Harness M/L Dogs

Dog Harness M/L Dogs

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This comfortable harness is light, strong, durable and easy to fit. The handle offers extra hold support. 

Dog harnesses offer the following benefits

  • Better control than a collar
  • Dogs feel safe and secure
  • Reduces potential risk for neck injuries
  • Adjustable straps for a better fit
  • Suitable for brachycephalic breeds as the harness spreads the pull weight across the chest reduces direct impact on the windpipe

Made from Oxford fabric 600D, 100 % polyester for durability and filled with sponge for comfort. Light and breathable mesh, reflective stitching thread, this harness is machine washable. 

Large or muscular dogs can be very strong. A harness can give you more control with your dog when you are out and about. 

Smaller dog breeds may have health related breathing or spinal issues. Wearing a harness disperses the pressure from one smaller area on the neck, to the back and the body. 

Some dogs dislike any kind of collar or restraint. If a harness is fitted properly and is the right size and style for the dog, it is more difficult to wriggle out of than a simple collar might be.

It is a legal requirement for safety reasons for using a seatbelt for a dog riding in a car. A harness is an easy way to attach the seatbelt to the dog to keep them safe while you drive. 

We advise that when your pet is in the house and after their walk, that the harness is removed for comfort and safety. 

Bertie & Bella's feel this harness is suitable for medium to large dogs, and dogs which are active as this harness allows for greater movement. 

Measure the circumference of the dogs neck and chest - Fit harness with D ring towards the tail.

 Size Chest cm Neck cm
Medium 51-64 45-54
Large 63-84 54-70