May – Veterinary Nursing Awareness month

As a veterinary nurse myself, I wanted to share with you, a succinct version of a day in a life of a veterinary nurse. No day is the same.  Every patient who walks through the door requires a different care plan, keeping us on our toes, all day!

First thing in the morning is to check the inpatients and have a hand over from the night veterinary nurse. We then set up for the day patients which entails, preparing theatre and kits, and making sure the machines are all functioning as they should. Kennels at the ready and then we come to meet and greet you in reception. The admission process, often taking place in the consult room, is a time for us to discuss the plan of the day with your pet and for you, as an owner to share any concerns you may have. Our aim is to make sure you leave less anxious and worried than when you came in, your pet will pick up on your feelings and we want everyone to be relaxed and happy. Day cases will often be in for minor surgery. Pain relief is given as part of a premedication. Nurses are involved in making sure your pet is comfortable throughout the day. In addition to this we will prep the patient for surgery, place catheters, take blood samples and monitor anaesthetics. Multiple surgeries are carried out throughout the day, supported by the nursing team. We run nurse clinics, helping tackle pet obesity, behaviour problems, claw clips, flea and worm advice and much more, our skills are endless.

Cleaning and equipment maintenance is an important part of our job too. Look after our tools and they will look after us! Veterinary equipment is very expensive and a nurse will be appointed as a responsible person to maintain it all.

Amongst all the serious day to day tasks, we love nothing more than to cuddle and care for your pet, even if they have pooped or vomited on us.

To become a veterinary nurse and to know more about what we do and career path options, watch these short videos from the RCVS & BVNA, our regulatory body for our profession. #whatvnsdo