April - National Pet Month

April is National Pet Month and we are a nation of pet lovers. Statistics from the PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturing Association) 2018 report, announces 13 million households have a pet, which equates to 45% of all UK households. Dogs hold the top spot with 26% of UK households owning a dog.

National Pet Month is a charity, and focuses on bringing together other charities, professional bodies and pet businesses to support and raise awareness of responsible pet ownership, mutual benefits of living with pets, role of pet care specialists and the value of working and assistance companion animals.

Pets can improve our lives in a number of ways. They can make us feel supported, reduce loneliness and negativity and increase self-esteem. We can become healthier by participating in activities with our pets like taking the dog for a walk, or playing with the cat to chase toys. When spending time with our pets, our stress levels drop as they comfort us.

Pet care is supported by a multitude of professions from your local vet to the dog training class. There is so much help available in selecting the right pet for you and how to care and look after them so you can both live a happy and fulfilled life.

Working and assistance companion animals bring a huge support to many families and services. For example guide dogs, rescue dogs and police dogs have enormous impact on helping in areas, where we as humans cannot do.

So let’s get out there with our pets, talk to people, attend events and share the love of our pets for our pets.